My Lovely Rugrats!

My Lovely Rugrats!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Time is here!

I am starting to love this time of year more and more! Today was such a raining day...while all the Californians were complaining I was at work wishing I could be at home snuggled up in my blankie with a good book (btw just finished Sarah Palin's book...AWESOME!) and some coffee! I got a call from Mr. Universe as I was leaving work, he said look up at the mountains...the clouds broke long enough to see the snow covered peaks! YIPPEE! Christmas time is finally here in Cali! Ethan has been begging for us to take him "snowing" that means he wants to go play in the snow! Haha! One problem....we don't have snow clothes...hello we are "Californians"...if I can't wear my flip flops then I can't go! :-) Chances are Ethan will get to go "snowing here soon! I hope everyone is taking a deep breath and enjoying this time of year! God is soooo good and sooo faithful!

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